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Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc.

Posted by commendatori on August 5, 2008

Who We Are

Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. is a research and development company on our way to changing the world without having to change the world’s infrastructure. Our Aquygen™ is a novel gas produced inexpensively from water. It is a superior replacement for oxyacetylene in most brazing, soldering, and cutting applications but can be used with standard equipment. Used as a supplement to automotive fuels, Aquygen™ increases fuel economy while decreasing emissions, dramatically improving the efficiency and cleanliness of transportation within the existing fueling infrastructure.

Why We Are Here

“I always believed that water held the solution to the world’s energy problems. I have made it my life’s work and our company’s mission to solve that problem.”

Dennis Klein, Founder & Chairman Emeritus shown with Tony Klein, left, and the H2O 1500 Aquygen™ Gas Generator


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