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The Anti-Christ Conspiracy

Posted by commendatori on October 10, 2008

The Anti-Christ Conspiracy.pdf

Antichrist Conspiracy: Inside The Devil’s Lair by Edward Hendrie

We now live in a perilous time of war. Our great country is being set up for conquest by traitors within our borders. The storm of this war has caused devastating tragedies, but to many the war still seems far off. As with the pains of birth, the contractions of this war will become more frequent and more devastating. As the megalomaniacal, antichrist conspirators see their war plans advancing, they feel that those opposing their plans are impotent to stop them.

History has shown that wars have inevitably resulted in the curtailment of freedoms that were taken for granted in times of peace. Each new tragedy of this present war will be used as a justification for further restrictions on our liberties.


1. Conspiracy
2. Satans Religion
3. Gods Word
4. Creation and Salvation Through Gods Word
5. God Preserves His Word
6. The Roman Catholic Attack on Gods Word
7. Satans Counterfeit Bibles
8. Eternal Punishment For Tampering With Gods Word
9. Adding Mans Tradition to Gods Word
10. Doctrines of Devils
11. Preying Priests
12. Holy Days
13. Halloween
14. Another god
15. Necromancy
16. The Catholic Mary – Queen of Heaven
17. Salvation Through Mary
18. Mary as Mediator Between Man and God
19. Vain Repetition of Prayers
20. Immaculate Deception
21. Perpetual Virginity of Mary
22. Assumption of Marys Body and Soul Into Heaven
23. Graven Images
24. Worshiping Bread and Wine as God
25. Re-Crucifixion of Christ
26. Purgatory
27. Indulgences
28. Salvation by Grace Through Faith
29. Papal Infallibility
30. False Christs
31. Bishop of Rome
32. Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church
33. Christ is not Divided
34. Antichrist Sitting as God in His Temple
35. Vicar of Christ is Antichrist
36. 666 The Number of the Beast
37. Holy Father
38. The Mystery of Iniquity
39. A Time and Times and the Dividing of Time
40. The Vatican Curses God
41. The Inquisition
42. Satan Worship in the Vatican
43. Pretribulation Rapture – A Zionist Antichrist Deception
44. Mystery, Babylon The Great, Mother of Harlots
45. Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
46. Vatican Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States
47. The Vatican Role in Starting World War I
48. Catholic Communism
49. Jesuit Inspired Nazis
50. Roman Catholic Inquisition Against Serbs
51. Vatican Hides Nazi and Ustashi War Criminals
52. Nazi Loot Sent to the Vatican
53. The Talmudic Zionist Connection
54. Zionist Nazis
55. Talmudism is Communism
56. Jewish Threat to the United States
57. Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
58. Jewish Subjugation of the United States
59. Who Was Really Behind the 9-11 Attacks
60. Agent Provocateurs
61. Jewish Media Control
62. World War III
63. The Israel of God
64. Vatican World Government
65. Mark of the Beast
66. Come Out of Her My People


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