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Exposing the Satanic Empire Final Cut (2008)

Posted by commendatori on October 31, 2008 A Keith Thompson film on the ruling elite’s involvement with satanic activity. This film dives into the formation of the Illuminati, how it infiltrated freemasonry, and the satanic nature of it’s aims. It then goes into the Vatican’s involvement with the Bohemian Grove, New world order elite, And freemasonry while exposing how the vatican is now anti-christian. The last segment debunks Zeitgeist type claims of a Christ conspiracy and exposes the plan to destroy christianity making a new age one world religion.


5 Responses to “Exposing the Satanic Empire Final Cut (2008)”

  1. Efosa said

    This is very good. My strong wish is to see people turn away from the highly deceptive mainstream media, and then go into the truth.

  2. Efosa said

    Am I the only one who visits this website? It clearly shows that most people take more interest in useless entertainment that the true facts of life.

  3. commendatori said

    Hello Efosa.. yes indeed most poeple take more interest in the useless stuff of life… we have gone back to the Roman doctrine of “Bread and circuses” & “Love not the world, neither the things [that are] in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”… If you are truly interested in the facts i would suggest you check out my other website…

  4. Efosa said

    Still after 3 years, I still have not been able to finish the videos on this site. I cant help but ponder, how large the difference is between this site and the “impartial”, “accurate” mainstream media outlets such as CNN, FOX, NBC and the BBC.

  5. Efosa said

    By the next time I’ll have to comment on this blog, there’ll be no Freedom

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