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Abide In Christ (Excellent!!!!)

Posted by commendatori on November 19, 2008


A Christian Witness to the Whole World
A Good Clear Conscience
A Good and Perfect Father
A Life Worthy of Gospel
A New Creation, Not Yet Perfect
A New Standard of Living
A Tender Compassionate High Priest
Abiding in Christ
Abide in the Holy Spirit
Absolute Truth
Abundant Life
Acceptable to God
Accepted in Beloved
Adopted Children of God
All of Grace
All Sufficient Sacrifice of Jesus Christ
All that Jesus Continues to Do
All Things in Christ
All Things for and Through God
Always in Abundant Supply
Anointed Preaching
Appropriating Christ Daily
Are You Christ, Son of God?
Are You a Saint?
Are You in Adam or in Christ?
Are You One of Elect of God?
Are You Saved?
Ascension of Christ
As You Have Received Christ
Attitude of Christ
Attitude of God toward Saved
A Virgin, Immanuel and the Incarnation
A Zeal for the Righteousness of God

Bad News – Good News
Baptized into Christ
Because Christ Lives
Be Filled With The Holy Spirit
Before and After
Behold Glory of God
Behold, What Manner of Love
Be Imitators of God
Believer’s Baptism
Believer’s Vital Union with Christ
Bible and our Sanctification
Biblical Authority and Jesus
Blessed Assurance
Blessings out of Buffetings
Born Crucified, yet Alive in Christ
Born of God
“But I Don’t Have Enough Faith”

Call of God to Salvation, The
Carefully Read Warning Label
Carnal Mind and a New Mind, The
Charge it to My Account
Christ Died for Me
Christian Perfection (I)
Christian Perfection (II)
“Christ Much and Christ More
Christ our Propitiation
Christ our Reconciliation
Christ Our Redeemer
Christ Our Redeemer (2)
Christ Our Redemption
Christ Our Refuge
Christ Our Righteousness
Christ our Sacrifice
Christ Our Sanctification
Christianity is Christ
Church of Christ
Clothed with Fig Leaves or Righteousness?
Come and Believe as Little Children
Come with Boldness for Grace and Mercy
Commitment to a Holy Life
Commitment to Christ
Common Grace of God
Conflict — Not Condemnation
Conquering Love of Christ
Consequences of Unbelief
Consider Jesus the Apostle and High Priest
Constant, Conscious Communion with Christ
Crucified with Christ
Custom Made by God

Day I Died
Dead to Sin
Discern Cults and Sects, How to
Discipline: Train Yourself to be Godly
Divine Person of the Holy Spirit
Do Impossible
Do You Have Eternal Life?
Do You Have Life’s Greatest Satisfaction?
Do You Have the Mind of Christ?
Do You See What I See?
Do You Seek a Deeper Life with God?
Do You Sense God’s Presence?
Dressed for the New Life
Dying Daily and Our Life in Christ

Effectual Call of God
Either We Die or He Dies
Eternal Consequences of Critical Choices
Eternal Life — Gift
Eternal Purpose of God
Everlasting Love
Everything for Nothing
Evidence that Demands Our Faith
Evidences of Death of Christ
Evidence of Members of God’s
Excuses, Excuses!

Faith and Bible
Faith Defined: Knowledge, Believe and Trust
Faith’s Object: Jesus Christ
Faith’s Results: Justification
Feasting on Lamb
Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
Final Victory Over Sin
Finish Your Work, Lord
Five Golden Links in Salvation
Follow Leader
Forgiveness According to the Riches of God’s Grace
Forsaken and Forgiven
Free Salvation
From Despair to Hope
From Doubt to Faith
Fully Equipped with Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding

Get in the Boat with Jesus
Getting Near to God
Glorification of the Christian
Glory of God in Jesus Christ
Goal of Justification
God Brings Good out of Evil
God has Spoken!
God is Able
God Is An Eyewitness
God Justifies Ungodly
God Justifies the Ungodly (2)
God Knows Me
God Removed Body
God Spared Not His Own Son for Us
God’s Everlasting Covenant of Grace
God’s Greatest Gift
God’s Kind of Life
God’s Perfect Goal for You
God’s Perfect Knowledge of Us
God’s Problem
God’s Saving Gospel
God-breathed Scriptures
Good Works for God’s Glory
Groan, Groans, and Groaning of Creation, Believers and the Holy Spirit
Guidance of the Holy Spirit

Have You Fallen from Grace?
Have You Received First Blessing?
Have You Seen Face of God?
Healing in the Atonement
Heart of Gospel
Holiness made Practical
Holy Spirit Groans in Prayer
Hope for the Christian
Hope for Desperate People
How Bad is It?
How can a Christian be Lost Again?
How Can a Person Please God?
How Can God Not Freely Give Us All Things?
How Can I Know God’s Will for My Life?
How do You Handle Tribulation?
How do You Know when you are Spirit-filled?
How Shall We Escape?
How to Produce Works of the Flesh
How Were Abraham and David Justified?

I Died
Imputed Righteousness of God
Incomparable Glory
“In Christ”
In Flesh or in Spirit
Infallibly Convincing Proofs
Infinite Glory of Jesus Christ
Infinite Love of God
Inheritance of the Christian
In the Presence of Christ
IXOUS – The Fish

Jacob, Why Are You Limping?
Jesus Christ is Great I AM
Jesus Christ is God
Jesus is both Lord and Messiah
Jesus is Yahweh (Jehovah)
John Baptist
Joseph’s Secret to Success
Justification and Indwelling Sin
Justification by Faith
Justification by Faith and Imputed Righteousness
Justified Freely by God’s Grace
Justified or Condemned

Keep on Walking by the Holy Spirit
Kingdom of God Has Come

Lamb of God
Law and Gospel
Let’s Suppose
Life in Christ
Life or Death?
Life’s Greatest Satisfaction, Do You Have
Limiting Christ
Living by Faith
Living Christian Life
Living Faith in a Living God
Living, Holy and Acceptable Sacrifice to God
Living in the Spirit
Living Sacrifices
Living with Others
“Look Unto Me, and be Saved”
Lord God Is My Strength
Lord of Living and Dead
Lord of History
Lord Over Death
Lord Will Provide
Lordship of Christ and Our Sanctification Lord’s Supper, The
Love is Extravagant!
Love Your Enemies

Mind of Christ, Do You Have
Model Prayer: Deliver Us from Evil
Model Prayer: Forgive Our Debts
Model Prayer: Our Daily Bread
Model Prayer: Our Far
Model Prayer: You Kingdom Come
Moral and Spiritual Discernment
Most Important Word in the Bible
“My Cup is Running Over”

New Life in Christ
No Condemnation!
No More Walls

One Perfect Sacrifice for Sinners
Operation Grace
Our Absolute and Progressive Sanctification
Our Divine Suffering Substitute
Our Eternal Sanctification by Blood of Jesus
Our Old Carnal Sinful Nature
Our Resurrection Hope
Our Supreme Passion
Our Unlimited Resources in Christ
Overcoming Temptation Successfully

Parable of the Sower
Partakers of Christ
Perfect Atonement for Personal Sin
Perfect Place of Mercy
Perfect Righteousness of Christ
Persevering Grace
Peter in Heaven and Judas in Hell
Pilate before King of Kings
Place of Power in Preaching
Power in the Presence of the Holy Spirit
Power of Resurrection Life
Power to Obey
Praise To The All-Knowing God
Prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ
Prayer of the Savior for all Believers
Preaching with Power
Predestined to be Conformed to Christ
Privileges of Child of God
Problem of Evil and Suffering
Purpose of Scriptures
Purpose of Miracles
“Put on Christ”

Reasonable, Spiritual Service of Worship
Redeeming Blood of Jesus
Redemption of Our Bodies
Rejoice, and again I say Rejoice!
Rejoice in Our Divine Substitute
Righteousness apart from Law
Righteousness for Ungodly
Risen with Christ

Salvation by Faith in Christ
Sanctified by Word of God
Salvation by Grace through Faith in Christ
Salvation from Penalty, Presence of Power of Sin
Sanctified in Christ
Satisfied Faith
Saved, Are You
Saved by Grace!
Saved by His Life
Saving Faith
Search Me, O God
Seated with Christ in Heaven
Secure Shelter in the Storms of Life
Servants Have No Rights
Shield of Faith, The
Signs of Times
Sin and Salvation
Sin Deceives Sinner
Sin in Life of Christian
Sinner God Accepts, The
Sin of Unbelief
Sleepless Nights and Stressful Days
Son of God
Son of Man
Song of Two Jail Birds
Soul Prosperity
Speak Lord, for Your Servant Listens
Spirit of Free Grace, The
Spirit of Holiness
Spirit of Life
Spirit of Love
Spirit of Truth
Spiritual Prosperity
Substitution Saves Sinners
Suffering is the Christian’s Path to Glory
Super Conquerors through Christ
Supremacy of Jesus Christ
Surprised by God
Sweet Sovereign Saving Grace

Trinitarian Benediction

Unanswerable Questions in Romans 8
Unanswered Prayers
Unchanging Christ: Same Forever
Unchanging Christ: Same Today
Unchanging Christ: Same Yesterday
Under God’s Watchful Eye
Underneath His Everlasting Arms
Uniquely Unrepeatable Jesus Christ
Unlimited Superabounding Grace of God
Until Death Do Us Part

Wages of Sin and God’s Gift
Waiting on the Lord
Walking in the Flesh
Walking in the Spirit
What Does God Do With Our Sins?
What Does God See?
What Does Jesus See?
What does it mean to be Lost?
What Is God Like?
What is in a Name?
What Is Your Name?
What must I do to be Saved?
What will You do with Jesus Christ?
Where Will You Spend Eternity?
Who Am I?
Whose Side are You On?
Who Is a Christian?
Who is Against Us?
Who is Jesus Christ?
Who Is the One Who Condemns?
Who Will Bring Charge Against God’s Chosen?
Who Shall Separate Us From the Love Of Christ?
Whose Slave are You?
Why Christians Must be Holy
Why Christians Remain Babies
Why Did Jesus Die?
Why Pain and Suffering?
“Why Should I Let You into My Heaven?”
Why Try to Become Perfect?
Wisdom for Trials
Witness of the Holy Spirit
Witnessing Spirit
Wretched Man that I Am!

Yes, “But God”
You Are The Temple of God
You Can Count on Me
You in Me, and I in You


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