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Sexual brainwashing: The elimination of the sexes

Posted by commendatori on December 12, 2008

In our society, men are made to be women and women are made to be men. Let me repeat that: In our society, men are made to be women and women are made to be men.

We are brainwashed with a million varieties of “Queer eye for the straight guy,” where homosexual men tell heterosexual men they need to primp themselves and “get in touch with their feminine side.” Men need to cut their hair short, shave their facial hair, shave their chests and body hair etc. They even say men should wear make-up and other ridiculous nonsense. This is all supposedly because women find this attractive.

Forgive me for asking, but since when did homosexual males become the sole arbiter for what women find attractive?

Is this really what women find attractive, or is this what homosexual men find attractive? I’ve never known a self-respecting woman who truly cared about a man’s looks, the most they say is they like it if a man cares somewhat about his appearance, but even if the man didn’t care at all it would never be a deal breaker. Intelligent women judge a man by their character, their “emotional content” for lack of a better word. I realize this is generalizing to a degree, but in general this is the reality.

Now, obviously these shows are totally fake, the so-called reality shows are the phoniest and most blatantly scripted of all TV, but the image they create is real. TV and advertising are all about “perception management,” people emulate what they see on TV. The image of homosexual men being the peak of health and sole arbiter of women’s desires is a common one.

It’s the same thing in reverse for women. Women are brainwashed to be “powerful,” “independent,” and so on. Women are told to cut their hair short, wear tons of make-up, get plastic surgery, dress provocatively, use sex as a commodity, etc. Billions of dollars a year is spent to market the idea that men find this attractive.

I am a healthy, young, intelligent, male. I find none of these things attractive.

Short hair is manly, I do not like it. Anything beyond the lightest of make-up adds nothing, it only subtracts. So-called blemishes are attractive, do you want a real woman or a fake image? Regardless, the make-up itself ruins women’s skin, its usage becomes a self-reinforcing loop requiring more and more as their skin gets worse and worse. A good business model maybe, but a nightmare for the woman herself.

Plastic surgery is nothing more than a tribal butchering, there is no such thing as a “successful” plastic surgery. If it’s done to correct a deformity that’s one thing, for example victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, if they truly want it, it can be a good thing. If it’s done sheerly for cosmetics though, it is never a good thing. The so-called perceived demand for women to get plastic surgery is only a product of perception management, a man who did not find a woman attractive pre-surgery, will not find the woman attractive post-surgery.

Using sex as a commodity is dehumanizing, it’s psychological prostitution, and it goes hand in hand with the whole idea to “be a powerful, strong, independent, woman.” I can’t think of anything that is a worse “turn-off” than a woman who acts like a man. It supersedes all the other things I’ve listed, it’s the worst of the worst. If it is present, nothing else matters, there will be, and cannot be, any attraction at all. Think about it, why would a man be attracted to another man? This is not queer eye!

That said, just as “feMALEness” is the most unattractive thing in the world, the opposite is the most attractive thing in the world. To put it in a word ~*girlyness!*~ Awww, just saying it makes me giggle and blush and feel all warm inside! ;) If a girl is, *gasp* “girly” it too can supersede even the shortest hair and the heaviest make-up! Any negative traits are erased by it’s archetypal power, it is single-handedly the greatest trait a woman can have.

Now, go back and take a look at the archetypes which are shown on TV. The images of the so-called attractive women are all manly, and the images of the so-called attractive men are all womanly. This perception is at the root of what creates the mass frustration suffered by the world, when perception meets reality people will be free.

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