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Ron Paul on Gaza 1-3-09

Posted by commendatori on January 11, 2009


2 Responses to “Ron Paul on Gaza 1-3-09”

  1. Toeg said

    Just a few minor points from the video.

    Paul is right that we have no reason to be there militarily. That holds for the entire Middle East. We shouldn’t be on either side of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. I would submit, however, that there definitely a humanitarian reason to be there. What Israel is doing is commonly known as ethnic cleansing. The Nazis perfected it and now the Israelis are putting a more modern face on this atrocity.

    I wonder how many people actually know that no Hamas launch site has been taken out. No Qassam rocket has been captured and held up to the world as proof of Israel’s action. This has never been about Hamas and peace. It has everything to do with Israel’s decision to exterminate every last Palestinian woman and child, new born or not.

    But Mr. Paul is wrong about this supposed historical conflict between Jews and Muslims. They have fought side by side during the Spanish Inquisition, during WWI as soldiers in the Ottoman Empire, and during the centuries that they both lived side by side in many Arab countries until 1948. Under the Ottoman Empire, there were never clashes against the other’s religion. The area hadn’t known war for a long time.

  2. Marianne said

    The security of USA is actually tied to Israel. Remember, Iran wants to blow up both countries.

    Right now, Israel is doing its own fighting. We only provide support, just as other Arab nations support Hamas. People seem to forget that. If the Gazans are “imprisoned,” that is the fault of Hamas, for being so belligerent that the borders have to close.

    WE would not want to be in its position, being constantly attacked by enemy rockets. I support Israel, and the destruction of Hamas. Once that happens, then they can actually work for peace. Hamas is synonymous with violence.

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