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Hal Turner Debunked – Next Phase: Digital Currency?

Posted by commendatori on February 2, 2009

Let me start by saying I just discovered a gentleman by the name of Hal Turner, supposedly a former radio host and lawyer , online showing the supposedly new currency Amero coin.

There has been so much rumors online about a new amero currency that is suppose to replace the u.s dollar during the merger of USA/Canada/Mexico.

As I’ve laid out in other articles, I don’t believe our global reserve currency will be the amero, because it will not be traceable as a digital credit system that will be in place sometime soon. First of all, I’m sure most people who have done their research on the illuminati and nwo, already have heard about the amero currency. Now, do you really think the government, knowing the amero exposure, will still release the new currency, which will in turn, give credibility to all those people who believe the amero is the next big thing.

Hal Turner explains the US has shipped billions of these coins to china to get ready for the collapse of the US dollar. Someway somehow he has supposedly gotten access to one of the coins in the shipment, mind you, is government protected with highly advance security. On this YouTube video clip below, he shows what appears to be a metal type copper coin, that supposedly was part of the shipment going into china. I also wonder how in the world did he get one of the coins in shipment, a small time guy like him.

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The Future Economy Worldwide Evolution

I was doing a bit more research on our latest president, Barak Obama , and came up with a rather disturbing plan discussed by our government 10 years ago.

In 1997, the government published an article that discussed that in 2008 will be the last united states election, and an African American will win the presidential election and become our first black president.

This is a very important part, as Obama wasn’t even around at the time. The plan is to have an African American as president, a huge distraction towards millions of people, while the government behind the scenes quietly destroys and devalues the American dollar, thus eventually creating a new and controllable world global currency that will be controlled by computers only.

The whole concept is to control the entire world’s financial system and render people helpless at the end. You see, if the powers that be have a computerized economy system in place, people will have no physical money, so therefore, no hiding from the IRS, all money and wages are fully available to the government, and every single penny that is made in the entire world is monitored.

There will be no more black market , no more under the counter transactions, as everything will require payment through a computer system that is of course linked to the central monetary system where they will have their eye on every cent you make or save. There will be no escape from this world system, all transaction must go through this 1 and only system.

As for America, as discussed before, having a black president is just a distraction to what is being prepared quietly as America will no be America anymore, once they institute a global economy, followed by a global government system headquartered in the United Nations. Obama is going to be the one that will break the news to the world, but because of the economy crisis that’s also created for the people, this plan of world economy computer system will easily be accepted.
Obama has also been chosen because he must convince black people in America to accept the idea which would be much difficult if it were a typical white president.

There will be lots of people that will follow Obama and trust his new plan, and those who oppose, will most likely be hated and possibly reported to the authorities, which then, they will label those against Obama or his ideas as financial terrorist.

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