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The Bi-polar Manipulation of the Ego, Unconsciously Serving the New World Order

Posted by commendatori on February 28, 2009


The Bi-polar manipulation of the Ego

The ego in humanity, individually and collectively, is a possessing entity which is an illusion in itself. It was born in fear, feeds on fear, and is manipulated in fear; fear in all it’s branches and manifesting archetypes. Therefore the pain and dysfunction on the planet is rooted in fear and all of it’s fractions.

The science of manipulation is a well studied art amongst the “elite”, and is applied through the subversive use of the occult, to subliminally influence the sub-conscious fears the ego is rooted in. Through the hegelian dialectic

the ego is manipulated on a collective level through the equation of, thesis +antithesis = synthesis. This equation passes through the form of the machiavellian protocol of, problem – reaction – solution. The examples of content that pass through this form and equation are numerous, but 9-11 is the most pertinent hegelian event to understand this science of

manipulation through the effects that followed and surround that event.

Equation + Form (Content) = Social Engineering

The science of manipulation is well studied and practiced by the secret

society networks of the old world that are still with us today, having manifested themselves in it’s more modern forms as “intelligence” agencies; CIA , MI6(Britain), Mossad(Israel), ISI(Pakistan), and so forth. In fact in military circles this science is known as psychological warfare or psy-ops(psychological operations).

This science works very much like music theory does in regards to music when it is applied and then can be called social engineering. The manipulating of societies by directing the forward inertia of the social trends and ideologies, implanting people with what to “think” or by diverting people from thinking at all with events of no real importance.

This is ego manipulating ego in a concerted effort. Societies are played or directed much like a maestro would an orchestra by the tune of “the end justifies the means”. Human beings are objects to be used as seen fit by the orchestrating “elite” to justify the end of what they seek, being the new world order global dictatorship.

For most of the public the ego works through the unconsciousness in them, while the “elite” consciously employ the ego and seek to be further possessed by it. This is why they conduct the satanic rituals they do, to strengthen the influence of the ego within themselves and to traumatize the victims of their machinations into unconscious servitude to them. These satanic rituals provide this for their mind controlled slaves as well is done in public rituals such as 9-11.

This is the applied science of manipulation at work, it is not creative and therefore is limited in scope. The content can always be changed, but the equation and form or theory at work does not.

If people would cease to be lulled into this game by the manipulating unconscious agent within themselves(the ego), this social engineering could not take place. The content is numerous the method is not, but there are so many ego identities tailored and sold to the people that it in-turn creates a compartmentalized society that is very easily manipulated. Out of this manifest the hierarchical control paradigm or the pyramidal control structure that arises from this ego identification that is encouraged in the education system. Hence it is the reason professions have become highly “specialized” to reinforce this compartmentalization throughout society. It is also the reason why children from a young age are encouraged to want “to be something when they grow up”, when they should only be encouraged to be themselves and to follow their hearts.

All life is interconnected, because people have been fooled into believing otherwise, the compartmentalization of society has occurred, the “elite” being well aware of this phenomena at work within human beings. That is why everything that has to do with a holistic approach is suppressed , from science to technology to health. Because it threatens the monopoly of control that the “elite” have held for so long and the only way it continues is because people continue to play along.

Consider this one fact and know that it applies to all of life in a multi-faceted manner. That a tree breathes out oxygen and we breath it in, and that we breath out carbon dioxide and the tree breathes it in. Hence the lessons are in nature and this is where true solutions are to be found, by comprehending and copying nature while also removing all of the content of the new world order that is at the root of the problems to begin with. We are not in this dire position we find ourselves today because of human stupidity, rather it is happening by design coupled with the exploitation of human naiveté.

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