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How to Brainwash the Masses

Posted by commendatori on March 20, 2009

There is an idea these days which is widespread and pervades most peoples minds like a virus, it spreads throughout their psyche and sucks out their reason, all the while they are completely oblivious. This idea is that of a perfect guru, a truth seeker who is free of all faults and must be nothing more than the second coming of Jesus in order to be heard.

This idea is given to us through popular culture, it suits the powers that be that people hold this idea, people take this idea as one which is self evident and whenever they hear of a truth seekers faults they jump on them as though their having faults in any way discredits the truth they speak.

This idea has its roots mainly in religion. Jesus is said to be “perfect,” free of all faults, he always made the right decisions and never made mistakes. While the historical accuracy of that statement might be argued, what cannot be argued is the incredible pressure that puts on anyone trying to live a moral and decent lifestyle. The incredible pressure it puts on truth seekers and truth speakers trying to help people just as the character Jesus did, through spreading the truth which will set them free.

To know truth you do not have to be perfect, the reality is no one is perfect. I don’t know everyone in the world, but forgive me if I don’t believe you can find a single person who is perfect, a person who never made a mistake in his life, a person who always made the right decisions. Why then should this ideal be used as a battering ram to assault any truth seeker who dares to have faults?

Many people say our faults are what make us special, our imperfections. When two people are in love all the imperfections of their partner seem to disappear, the person becomes perfect as they are. Is it not normal and human to treat the truth seekers and the martyrs who sacrifice themselves for us in the same manner?

This perception is not the same everywhere in the world, I have heard of places in India where the idea of a perfect guru is viewed as absurd, places where people do respect a person for who they are and accept all their faults as what makes them human. There is no reason anyone who claims to care about truth should hold to this idea of “the perfect guru.” It is a destructive idea which serves only to disempower those who genuinely want to help others and serves to empower those who want to control others through the exploitation of this very belief.

Every dictator in history is always portrayed as perfect, a holy being without faults, a man who knows exactly what he wants, where he is going, and what we all must do to get there. No one who is honest truly knows these things. Anyone who is honest will tell you they don’t know everything, but what they do know is right from wrong, truth from lie, when you have that gift of discernment those other things do not matter: you know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

This is the reality which people endlessly cease to avoid, the reality that truth and truth alone will free you, for truth begets an entire way of being which is entirely misaligned with the tyranny of lies, self-deceit, and denial. The truth literally sets you free, and believing lies and deceit enslaves you.

They say in psychoanalysis that awareness of a neurosis can cure you of it. I have found this to be true in my own life as when I finally achieve a full understanding of a problem the problem ceases to exist, it can’t exist any more because you understand it in such depth that it no longer has control of your mind. Whereas before I fully understood the problem, before I understood the full truth, I was stuck in an endless maze of programmed and heavily conditioned self-sabotage, conditioning which is impossible to break when you are not honest with yourself.

This is why if people wish to be free they must break out of this world of “condition-response”. We are all brainwashed to believe that human beings are mere robots, nothing more than “the product of our environment,” who are “born as blank slates.”

This idea is a complete and total lie. Human beings are born with an ingrained nature, just as deer or cats or dogs have their own unique ingrained nature, human beings do as well. By denying the “imperfections” of human beings and falling prey to believing in “perfect” leaders, we allow ourselves to be enslaved by those who care about us least, and we starve and destroy those who wish to help us most.

Only the truth will set us free. – IL

Article Source

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Documentary on Brainwashing and Mind Control “Monarch: The New Phoenix Program”


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