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Radium Weed Kills Skin Cancers

Posted by commendatori on March 22, 2009

From Brian McDermott

On the goggle box last night, the “doctors” and “experts” have suddenly “discovered” that the juice from Radium Weed (common name) causes sun spots, Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) to disappear, and drop off!

Our grandmothers taught us this over half-a-century ago, and it was well-known in the bush, where we grew up!

Suddenly, the “experts” are feverishly working with it “discovering” it! No doubt trying to find a way to patent it!

Reminds me of Dr. Bill Cham’s Curaderm, which is an extract from Devil’s apple, also known for over half-a-century by people in the bush, also effective for skin cancers.

Then, they will ­ some years from now, perhaps never ­ “discover” that Cansema causes melanoma to drop off!

(The “authorities” have prohibited the advertising of Cansema for cancer, threatening 5 years jail, and fines of tens of thousands of dollars!)

Next, they will be discovering the “amazing” benefits of eucalyptus oil, putting a few drops in hot water and breathing the fumes in, putting a few drops on half a teaspoon of sugar and taking a small bit of it at a time, and breathing in the fumes, and having an almost immediate affect on colds and ‘flu, all the while trying to find a way to “lock it up” and patent that also. They can’t, so they keep it quiet, selling their expensive, useless, patented concoctions.

Then of course, they will never find a way to patent the best and most efficient, – and cheapest – disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide, SO THEY KEEP IT QUIET!

They do not use it as a disinfectant at all in hospitals, to sterilise anything, preferring to use expensive, patented “disinfectants” put out of course by the international pharmaceutical corporations ­ and next to useless! This is why there is so much disease in hospitals. Nothing is sterile!

So in recent years particularly, if you want to contract a disease, go to hospital! Infection is almost guaranteed!

There is not a microbe on the planet – bacterium, virus, or pathogen – which will survive a strong (10-20%, higher if necessary ) mixture of hydrogen peroxide. NONE! This includes AIDS, etc.

It is the cheapest, and most effective disinfectant on the planet, bar none.

Moreover, it is also the safest. After quite a short period of time in the atmosphere, it literally breaks down and disappears, with absolutely no residue.

After all, hydrogen peroxide is simply water, with an extra molecule of oxygen attached to it! So simple! So effective!

We use it in Central Queensland Free State all the time!

The establishment won’t use it, because it is so cheap, so effective, and cannot be patented!

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