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Salbuchi – Global Financial Collapse

Posted by commendatori on April 8, 2009

Salbuchi – Global Financial Collapse – Part 1

Salbuchi – Global Financial Collapse – Part 2

Adrian Salbuchi an Argentine International Analyst explains the current global meltdown. Who is behind this? Can the world get out of it? Will the world head towards World War? YouTube :

An Argentine opinion on the Global Financial Crisis, describing the whole Global Financial System as one vast Ponzi Scheme. Like a pyramid, it has four sides and is a predictable model. The four sides are:

(1) Artificially control the supply of public State-issued Currency,
(2) Artificially impose Banking Money as the primary source of funding in the economy,
(3) Promote doing everything by Debt and
(4) Erect complex channels that allow privatizing profits when the Model is in expansion mode and socialize losses when the model goes into contraction mode.

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