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The Secret of the Universe – Prime Numbers and Phi

Posted by commendatori on April 15, 2009


Part I

Part II

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7129 6105195

7129 6105195 is solved.

This page gives a basic overview of the solution,
watch or browse the video for a better understanding.
A clue left by Edward Leedskalnin at Coral Castle:
Many people recite the code as 7129/6105195,
and assume a division sign, however in reality
no such division sign exists!

The code must be divided in the following way:

105 195

Ed’s flywheel has 24 U-Shaped magnets arranged over 360°, meaning
that each magnet takes up 15°.
We need the following wheel to understand the solution.
The 105 and 195 from the code above, create a right angle in this wheel.
Notice that 105 and 195 are also both intervals of 15.
105 195

The 7 129 part can be solved with the sequence of adding prime numbers.
129 is the sum of the first 10 prime numbers.
This puts it at the center of the 105 – 195 angle, at 150°.
The 7 and the 6
The 7 and the 6 must each be multiplied by 24.

The 6 105 195 can be solved with prime quadruplets and angles.

105 and 195 are at the centers of two consecutive prime quadruplets,
and a ratio of Phi exists – created by the prime sequence positions
of the centers of the prime quadruplets.

By prime sequence position, the prime sequence position of 103 is

because 103 is the 27th prime number.
105 195

168, because it is derived from the line
7 129 which is related to adding prime numbers,
must have its solution also in the sequence of adding prime numbers,
and it is:
168 is the sum of four prime numbers: 37 + 41 + 43 + 47 = 168.
144, because it is from the line 6 105 195,
must be related to prime quadruplets and angles.
There is a prime quadruplet that sits at prime sequence position 144,
and another one at position 288.
Phi can be obtained yet again, this time its square root,

This shows that geometry is also hidden in the prime quadruplets.

To learn more, and to see how this applies to the other secrets,
watch the Secret of the Universe.

7129 6105195


3 Responses to “The Secret of the Universe – Prime Numbers and Phi”

  1. […] Leedskalnin died of stomach cancer in 1951, a plaque was found in his bedroom inscribed with this cryptic statement: “The Secret to the Universe is 7129 / 6105195″, which disputes the simpler and […]

  2. Chuan Xihu said

    In china inthe pyramid of Shanxi and in Qinghai havethe same names of angles of geo and sounds of chants of he ancients, 144 and 3.14 and other use of the droppa disc is the same as in Lima peru and cuzco
    in a vac unit with the correct resonance and harmonic freq. causes you to be able to travel and abide in space time There are 21 hidden under mounds of vegtations of the rock there connected of sun moon mt. and Maru out side cozco,peru

  3. SelfSimilar said

    Hi, did you pull your videos or did youtube? The math goes a whole lot deeper than this, especially once you start thinking in terms of polar coordinates and logarithms

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