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Monarch: Mind-Control & Energy Weapons

Posted by commendatori on August 16, 2009

Amidst the subtle cerebral circumvention of the gullible populace, through a multitude of manipulated mediums, lies one of the most diabolical atrocities perpetrated upon a segment of the human race; a form of systematic mind control which has permeated every aspect of society for almost fifty years.To objectively ascertain the following, one may need to re-examine preconceived ideologies relating to the dualistic nature of mankind.

Monarch pt.1: Phoenix Program

Monarch pt.2A: Human Radiation Experiments

Monarch pt.2B: Human Radiation Experiments

Monarch pt.3A: MK-Ultra (1953)

Monarch pt.3B: MK-Ultra (1953)

Monarch pt.3C: Dr. Ewen Cameron Experiments

Monarch pt.4A: MK-Ultra (1960-1970’s)

Monarch pt.4B: Project Pandora (human robots)

Monarch pt.5A: MK-Ultra Cults

Monarch pt.5B: MK-Ultra Cults

Monarch pt.5C: False Memory Syndrome & SRA

Monarch pt.6: 21st Century Trojan Horse

Monarch pt.7: Microwave Weapons Testings

Monarch pt.8: Cointelpro Secret Documents

Monarch pt.9A: CIA Blowback in the World

Monarch pt.9A: CIA Blowback in the World

Monarch pt.10A: MK-Ultra Mad Scientists

Monarch pt.10B: Russian Mind Control

Monarch: pt.10C: HAARP & Star Wars Weapons


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