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Tax Truths

Posted by commendatori on April 6, 2010


I have come to the following conclusions about the Income tax. It took many years of mistakes and blunders to finally arrive at what I consider to be the truth. Having collected un-employment insurance and other federal funds is mute and does not matter.. Here are the facts..

1. The Fourteenth Amendment is the foundation for the Sixteenth Amendment. Once a Fourteeth Amendment US citizen, always a Fourteenth Amendment citizen. No court will release you from that status. There is no returning to the former status of first being a citizen of your state and then a United States citizen. All state constitutions were altered to comport with the Fourteenth Amendment converting the Calvinist Federal Republic of the United States into a Jesuit Roman Provincial Empire.

2. In 1894 the Jesuits, in control of Congress, sought to put an “income tax” upon the “occupations” of US citizens. This means there existed an existing “privilege” that would generate “income” that could be taxed “directly” and “uniformly” just as a corporation could be taxed, though at different rates. That “privilege,” as calculated, was directly tied to Fourteenth Amendment citizenship making citizenship “national,” intended for both Blacks and Whites—not just the Black freedmen.

3. But in the Pollack case of 1895 the Supreme Court ruled that this “income tax” was a “direct tax” upon individuals. Because that tax was not “apportioned,” it was declared unconstitutional and the income tax law was set aside. Not to be thwarted, the Jesuits, using their Masonic Skull & Bones President Taft (beholden to “American Pope” James Cardinal Gibbons), passed the Sixteenth Amendment in 1913 (via the proclamation of Masonic Secretary of State Philander Knox), installing one of their planks of The Communist Manifesto within the US Constitution. Thus, the Sixteenth Amendment (1913) set aside the Pollack case (1895) as the Fourteenth Amendment (1868) set aside the Dred Scott case of 1857.

4. The Sixteenth Amendment was intended to tax the “income” of individuals. This is why the wording of the amendment states that the income tax may be collected “without apportionment” and “without regard to any census.” These phrases betray the intent of the amendment which set aside Pollack. Apportioned taxes and censuses apply only to individuals! Thus, individuals with “income” can be directly taxed without apportionment by the US Congress. Thus, the only other Congressional option is to tax “uniformly.” Thus, the Fourteenth and Sixteenth Amendments working in combination, laid the foundation for the taxing the “income” of every US citizen. That income tax was now direct and uniform, without apportionment. The question is now “What is the ’source’ of that ‘income,’ not ‘what’ is ‘income.’ It is clear. Every dime that comes into the hands of an individual is “income.” But the “source” of that income is not clear; we must find it.

5. If the source of a citizen’s “income” was a Fourteenth Amendment privilege, then the Pollack case would have sustained the income tax law of 1894. This is a most important conclusion. Therefore, there is another “source” which generates “income” for the citizen. The $64,000 question is “What is that source?” This is the great secret of the federal judiciary that will never be spoken in any open court. This is the great masonic secret of the Order’s Federal Courts; I suspect the judges are taught this in Judges School. Find the “source” and the “income” tax becomes understandable.

6. Here are two clues. If you look at your most recent Birth Certificate, it is bordered on all four sides with the design of a stock. It has the appearance of a security or a savings bond on its borders. Compare the documents and see for yourself. Secondly, that birth certificate is filed in Washington, D.C., with the Bureau of the Census which is a part of the—now get this—The COMMERCE Department. Why in the name of Christ is the Bureau of the Census a part of the Commerce Department? There can be only one answer: Every US citizen is “in commerce.” We are Fourteenth Amendment “commercial citizens.” Thus, everything we do is “commerce” and thus generates “income.” The second clue is found on the back of your Social Security Card. At the bottom is a number beginning with a letter followed by eight numbers. The Social Security Administration has admitted that this number is a BOND NUMBER. This means that every US citizen is BONDED and thus is a DEBTOR. He now (as an artificial person in the law just like a corporation) is the human, living, breathing, “bonded security” for the US Government to pay the national debt owed to the Jesuit Order’s Federal Reserve Bank. That artificial, bonded security can have all of his property, both personal and real, taken to pay the national debt. (This means that the Congress can pass a law to take all of your money and land if deemed so necessary during a “national emergency.”) That credit extended to the US Congress by the Federal Reserve Bank every year was created out of nothing—a stroke of a pen—and the interest payments on that debt is paid by the bonded, commercial Fourteenth Amendment US citizens of the United States incorporated in 1871. Thus, the “source” of our “income” is the commercial status of each citizen (a bonded security of the United States corporation now in receivership since 1933 via HJR-192 explained below) evidenced by his “bonded” “taxpayer” status, enjoying no ancient common law rights whatsoever.

7. Now we must retrace the history of the Social Security Act. Notice the word “security.” The act was passed to provide security or collateral for the Federal Reserve Bank, not for the security of the individual. In 1929 the Order used three Irish Roman Catholic short-sellers of stock to cause the Great Depression. Those men were Joe Kennedy, Tom Bragg and Ben Smith. With the fall of the market orchestrated by the Knights of Malta (John J. Raskob of Dupont, etc), Masonic FDR was put in office thanks to Papal Knights Al Smith, Raskob and Joe Kennedy. One of the first acts he signed into law was House Joint Resolution 192, suspending all payments in gold. Our gold coins and currency redeemable in gold were taken from us. Shortly thereafter, the Social Security Act was passed. The combination of these acts put every citizen in commercial paper, and ended any Federal Common Law. Every citizen is “in commerce,” using commercial papar, has no common law rights, and all is a privilege which can be taxed to an unlimited degree by the Congress and regulated by statute via the police powers—thus laying the foundation for a huge fascist police state in the future. This also gave the IRS inquisitonal police powers to seek out the financial affairs of the Empire’s commercial citizens without regard to the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. Assement every April 15th is voluntary (less tha Fifth Amendment should be violated) but the income tax is indeed owed and will be assessed and collected.

8. The remedy to this commercial status which is the basis for owing the income tax on every penny that passes through the commercial citizen’s hands must then be found in a code that regulates commercial transactions. If there is no remedy, then the 13th Amendment prohibiting involuntarily servitude is now being violated. That code is the Uniform Commercial Code. The solution has been found and it really works. It is composed of a series of filings but once properly accomplished, the federal income tax problem is resolved. The US citizen must become the SECURED PARTY for the artificial person that he is in the law. Once one becomes the Secured Party for the artifical human resource in commerce, he then can discharge debts owed to the IRS. I have personally seen five Notices of Levy totally over 250,000 dollars (FRNS) paid by Bills of Exchange via this UCC process. It works and is totally within the Law of the UCC—only if these filings are done correctly.

This information is most valuable as I believe the Jesuit Order is and has been fomenting a Tax Revolt prior to and at this very moment. It is using a host of “tax patriots” who are wrongly advocating that and that “wages are not income.” Now the tax can be easily “discharged.” The more people in their prisons so much the better when they destroy the Constitution of the Republic once and for all..Which has been their ultimate goal since 1822, as so stated in the treatise of Verona.


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