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Tax Truths

Posted by commendatori on April 6, 2010


I have come to the following conclusions about the Income tax. It took many years of mistakes and blunders to finally arrive at what I consider to be the truth. Having collected un-employment insurance and other federal funds is mute and does not matter.. Here are the facts..

1. The Fourteenth Amendment is the foundation for the Sixteenth Amendment. Once a Fourteeth Amendment US citizen, always a Fourteenth Amendment citizen. No court will release you from that status. There is no returning to the former status of first being a citizen of your state and then a United States citizen. All state constitutions were altered to comport with the Fourteenth Amendment converting the Calvinist Federal Republic of the United States into a Jesuit Roman Provincial Empire.

2. In 1894 the Jesuits, in control of Congress, sought to put an “income tax” upon the “occupations” of US citizens. This means there existed an existing “privilege” that would generate “income” that could be taxed “directly” and “uniformly” just as a corporation could be taxed, though at different rates. That “privilege,” as calculated, was directly tied to Fourteenth Amendment citizenship making citizenship “national,” intended for both Blacks and Whites—not just the Black freedmen.

3. But in the Pollack case of 1895 the Supreme Court ruled that this “income tax” was a “direct tax” upon individuals. Because that tax was not “apportioned,” it was declared unconstitutional and the income tax law was set aside. Not to be thwarted, the Jesuits, using their Masonic Skull & Bones President Taft (beholden to “American Pope” James Cardinal Gibbons), passed the Sixteenth Amendment in 1913 (via the proclamation of Masonic Secretary of State Philander Knox), installing one of their planks of The Communist Manifesto within the US Constitution. Thus, the Sixteenth Amendment (1913) set aside the Pollack case (1895) as the Fourteenth Amendment (1868) set aside the Dred Scott case of 1857. Read the rest of this entry »


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