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Vatican Assassins New Promo… Check it out!!

Posted by commendatori on February 6, 2010


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Jesuit Order Occult History

Posted by commendatori on May 30, 2009

James Arrabito’s documentary on the fascinating history of the Jesuit Order, the Most Powerful Occult Brotherhood in the World. Launched by Ignatius Loyola in the 16th century to wage war against the Reformation, the Society of Jesus rapidly spread to every corner of the globe. The Jesuits insinuated themselves into the affairs of governments, war, banking, oil, and churches, eventually earning expulsion from almost every nation in this world, including the Vatican itself! (80 min.)

Part 1

Part 2

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The Future of America and It’s “War on Terror”

Posted by commendatori on February 26, 2009


by Eric Jon Phelps, Vatican Assassins, assisted by Shattering Denial.

1.   Barry Davis Obama will be inaugurated.   Obama will not be assassinated by the Black Pope’s International Intelligence Community at this time.   Being a mulatto, while professing to be a Protestant Christian as well as a professed Muslim, having been educated in both an Islamic school and a Roman Catholic school, he will be used to unify the diverse American peoples into waging the “War On Terror”/Crusade for Rome.

2.   We will have a horrible and massive, CIA/Al Qaeda terrorist event.   We believe the cities to be attacked will be, at least, Washington, D.C., Detroit/Windsor and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale.   We read on page 51 from Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror, by Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney and Maj. Gen. Paul Valley, with an introduction by Knight of Malta Oliver North:

“We can only suppose, therefore, that if terrorists were to strike us again they would want to strike a truly devastating blow.   Our nightmare— made more nightmarish because it is so plausible—is that the next strike would consist of the simultaneous detonation of multiple nuclear weapons in many major cities in the United States such as New York, Washington, Detroit, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans and Miami.”

3.   The terrorist event will ultimately result in:

* The suspension of the Constitution.
* Martial Law.
* The formal moving of the capital to Denver.
* The unification of American and Canadian militaries.
* The death of hundreds of Jews in south Florida, that area being known as “The Gold Coast”.
* The arrival of European troops for “peace keeping”.
* The Department of Homeland Security exercising full Marital Law powers aided by Blackwater Worldwide.
* The opening of concentration camps for “enemies of the State””.
* Gangland warfare against the American peoples.
* Sealing the borders, ending emigration and implementing “shoot on site” policies.
* Retaliation against the Shia Muslims of Iran now surrounded by the American Army and Navy.

4.   With America’s mulatto, Sunni Islamic, President-Elect Barry Davis (alias “Barack Hussien Obama”) advised by the white, Jesuit-trained, Roman Catholic, Vice-President-Elect Joe Biden, Whites and Blacks will be united to fight the Pope’s crusade against Shia Iraq, Shia Iran and Shia Southern Lebanon.

5.   Infrastructure will continue to be built in Baghdad and Dubai for the revival of the ancient kingdom of Babylon.   The revived kingdom of Babylon will be presently known as the new Sunni Islamic caliphate.   This explains the present Sunni and Wahhabi alliance with Edward Cardinal Egan’s CFR-controlled government in Washington, D.C., directing the Pope’s “Holy Roman” 14th Amendment, Corporate Fascist, Socialist-Communist, American Empire.

6.   When the Shia of Iran and Iraq are sufficiently mass-murdered by the Sunni/Wahhabi Islamo-fascists in alliance with the Jesuit directed, “liberal” Roman Catholic, apostate “heretic” Protestant, apostate “heretic” Baptist, apostate “heretic” Evangelical, American Military Alliance, then the Sunni world will be united and pitted against the Peoples of the West.

7.   The means of aligning all Sunni Muslim nations, along with surviving Shia peoples, will be the destruction of Mecca, Medina and the two Mosques on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.   The U.S. will be blamed for this inside job executed by high-level, Islamic Freemasons serving the Black Pope’s unified International Intelligence Community.   That International Intelligence Community includes the British MI5/MI6, the American CIA/FBI/NSA, the German BND, the Russian FSB/SVR, the Israeli Mossad, the Pakistani ISI, the Chinese SIS, Interpol, etc.   This International Intelligence Community is, in fact, the Pope’s revived, International Holy Office of the Inquisition.

8.   The means of destroying these Mosques will be by surgical weapons there on site waiting to be detonated at the predetermined time.   We believe Mecca and Medina will destroyed by Electro-Magnetic pulse devices (on site suitcase nukes, since there is no such thing as airborne nuclear war)

9.   The destruction of these three foremost Islamic Mosques will be carried out by Sunni Islamic Freemasons serving Rome’s CIA-controlled Islamic Freemasonic International Intelligence Community.   Just as 9/11 was an inside job carried out by a Pope’s unified American Intelligence Community so will this destruction be an inside job to be carried out by the Rome’s Saudi Arabian-financed, unified Islamic Freemasonic International Intelligence Community overseen by the Black Pope’s American CIA and British MI6.

10.   Toward the end of this Papal Crusade (presently called “the War on Terror”), the usefulness of the racially-united White/Black/Latino American Military will be exhausted and defeated, having been convertly betrayed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Unable to return home from the Middle-East to defend North America, the American armies will be surrounded and annihilated in a huge genocide carried out by a united Muslim world led by the Pope’s Freemasonic Islamic military leaders.   (This is exactly what Jesuit-advised Napoleon did to his Grand Armee in Russia in 1812; this is exactly what Jesuit-advised Hitler did to his Protestant Prussian armies on the eastern front from 1942 to 1945; and, this is exactly what the coming American Military Dictator will do to American military forces toward the end of this Crusade.)

11.   Plotted by the Jesuits for nearly 150 years, at this time the American Empire will experience it’s second civil war with a complete and total social breakdown.   This social breakdown will include a fratricidal race war shutting down the commerce and food distribution of every major city.   Disease and death will be rampant.   Decreed quarantines will result in the establishment of massive ghettos within every major city, the expenses for which have been covered by the Bailout Bill.   After the ghettoization of millions of American citizens and aliens, the Department of Homeland Security will transport them to huge death camps now in existence throughout North America.   The people specially targeted for these transports will be Bible-believing Protestants, Bible-believing Baptists and the racial/religious Jews.

12.   With the Sunni/Wahhabi Islamic nations now united, China will provide the shipping/transportation to move hundreds of millions of Communist Chinese, North African Muslims and Middle Eastern Moslems to attack North America.   At present, China has commercial treaties with the Black Islamic West African countries of Senegal and Mauritania.   Both nations host seaports of departure necessary to land millions of infuriated, Islamic invaders first into Cuba and the Bahamas.   There, the invaders will be refreshed and armed in preparation for their imminent invasion into Miami, New Orleans and Charleston.   These cities, along with many others in the once White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and Baptist South, will be in total social breakdown due to the Black Pope’s Freemasonic White Power Structure.   That White Power Structure, in full control of the governors, courts and police, will have used the Majority Savage Black gangs and Majority Savage Latino gangs—financially enriched by Rome’s CIA/Mafia illegal drug trade—to steal, rape, pillage, plunder and murder the civil populations of those cities. The Jesuit-directed Sino-Soviet-Muslim invasion will ensue.   The American Empire, purposely divided and wrecked from within in preparation for this invasion, will be conquered and partitioned among the victors.   The Sino-Soviet-Muslim invasion will ensue, the Empire will be conquered and divided among the victors.

13.   The Pope’s revived, Roman Catholic, Holy Roman Empire will be the new protector of Israel—the Black Pope’s revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

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